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Highway Rock Riot

Highway Rock Riot with Eva Get ready to rock out with Eva on Highway Rock Riot! This show is your ultimate destination for all things rock, from classic anthems to the latest hits. Eva brings her electrifying energy and deep passion for rock music to every episode, making each show a high-octane journey through the best of rock 'n' roll. Tune in for powerful riffs, iconic solos, and the stories behind the music that defined generations. Whether you're a die-hard rock fan or just looking to discover some new favourites, Highway Rock Riot is the place to be. Crank up the volume and join Eva for a riotous rock experience that will keep you coming back for more!

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Breakfast show weekly with Eva

Eva's Breakfast Show Wake up and kickstart your day with Eva on Highway 61 Internet Radio! Eva's Breakfast Show is your perfect morning companion, blending a mix of vibrant tunes, engaging chat, and the latest updates to keep you informed and entertained. Eva's infectious energy and cheerful banter make every morning a joyous experience, whether you're gearing up for work or just enjoying a leisurely start. From classic hits to the freshest tracks, Eva curates a playlist that will have you dancing out of bed. Plus, stay tuned for special segments, fun facts, and a sprinkle of humor to brighten your day. Tune in to Eva's Breakfast Show for a lively and upbeat start to your morning!

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Awaken with Highway 61 with Ava

Awaken with Highway 61 Start your day right with Ava on "Awaken with Highway 61"! This morning show on Highway 61 Internet Radio is designed to energize and inspire you as you greet the new day. Ava brings her vibrant personality and infectious enthusiasm to every broadcast, ensuring you wake up with a smile. Featuring a diverse mix of classic hits and the latest chart-toppers, "Awaken with Highway 61" offers the perfect soundtrack for your morning routine. Enjoy engaging segments, fun facts, and a dash of humor, all expertly curated by Eva to make your mornings brighter. Tune in and let Ava help you rise and shine with style and energy!

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